Month: May 2012

IMSAI To The Rescue!

In my Languages chapter, in the story about the creation of Applesoft I, I make mention of Cliff Huston and his own IMSAI computer that was used to help Randy Wigginton rework the 6502 Microsoft BASIC that later became the first version of Applesoft, released…

ProDOS Origins

Dick and Cliff Huston were engineers at Apple who worked on and for the Apple II in the 1970s and early 1980s. They preserved items from their time at the company, and made some of them available to purchase in the past two years….

A Deluge of Magazines

Have finally completed my revisions and additions to the Magazines chapters (part 1 and part 2), barring any further information that comes back as a response to some remaining email inquiries. Many of the entries have been expanded, and some have been completely rewritten….

Wolfenstein 3D

The KansasFest 2012 keynote speaker this year is John Romero, who got his start writing games for the Apple II computer, in various magazines, and in the disk magazines UpTime and Softdisk. When he left Softdisk to start his own company and create shareware games, one of the…