Month: March 2012

Bump In The Road

Microsoft Word 2011 and I were having a tussle this morning, as I was trying to add pictures to the Peripherals chapter. I’d copy an image and try to paste it ino the document at the appropriate place. And then the spinning rainbow ball…

The Byte Works Still Works

I’ve added some additional info about about ORCA/M and other products from Mike Westerfield’s company, The Byte Works on the Languages chapter. The full info that I got in my short conversation with Westerfield recently is available on the Apple II History Spotlight page here.

Moving Forward

Thought I’d post an update on progress on the book. I’ve completed revision and updates on chapters 16 & 17 on Languages, chapter 18 on Software, and chapter 19 on AppleWorks. Now digging into Chapters 20 and 21, about Magazines.