Month: December 2010

Apple Lang Syne

The end of one year and the start of a next has traditionally made us think of the past, present, and future. Perhaps that was where Dickens got the idea to use ghosts of those persuasions in order to tell his Christmas Carol story….

Apple IIGS reviewed

Take a look at Ken Gagne’s blog here for a video by Brian Picchi reviewing the Apple IIGS. Nicely done!

Apple II Forever, part 2

Back in 1988, Apple did a little PR for the Apple II line on The Computer Chronicles series. Here is that program, hosted by Stuart Chiefet and Gary Killdall, featuring the Apple IIc Plus and the new GS/OS for the Apple IIGS. It includes…

Veit Illustrates Apple II Power

I’ve enjoyed listening to the audiobook reading by David Greelish of the book “Stan Veit’s History Of The Personal Computer”. (Greelish is the proprietor of The Classic Computing Blog, and just recently started a new podcast, The Retrocomputing Roundtable). You can find both of…

Bob Bishop + KFest

Bob Bishop was involved with much more at Apple than APPLEVISION. And next summer at KanasaFest, he will be presenting the keynote speech for that annual Apple II gathering. See the detailed story at the KFest web site.