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30 Jul 2010 Updates! We has updates!
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Going through the emails that I have accumulated in the past ten years, I’ve mined some gold that has been languishing in my archive:

  • Update to Chapter 17, by adding a little more information about the Logo language on the Apple II and IIGS. Thanks to Todd Nathan!
  • Update to Chapter 4, adding information from Gordon French about one of the early of the Apple II case.
  • An addition to the Clones exhibit in the Museum, specifically the ITT 2020 from the UK. Also added an ad for the ITT 2020 and for the Pear-II to the Ads: Hardware exhibit. Thanks to Yves de Ryckel for the photos.
  • Fixed two very old typos in Chapter 19. Thanks to Ryan Schmidt!
  • Jerry Fellows had donated not only a photo of the II Infinitum button, but also a copy of the letter that was used in the campaign to convince Apple to give the Apple II more attention. That letter is now in the Miscellaneous gallery in the Museum.
  • In Chapter 12, made a correction in the section about accelerator cards regarding equivalent chip speeds. Thanks to Tonio for the information!
  • Added image of first issue of inCider magazine to the Magazines gallery in the Museum. Thanks to Dan Nugent!
  • Put a better image of the Apple II Europlus logo in Chapter 12. Thanks to Gerard Putter!
  • Information about the three versions of DOS 3.3 released by Apple was included in Chapter 15. Thanks to Brucifer!
  • Added brief info listing in Chapter 14 mentioning the versions of Apple Pascal that were released. Thanks to David Wilson!
  • Pictures of the Microdigital TK-3000, an Apple IIe clone sold in Brazil from 1985 to 1988 is now in the Computers: Clones gallery in the Museum. Thanks to Mario Sergio for the photos!
  • Picture of an Apple System tag, from John Woodall of VintageMicros, in the Miscellaneous section of the Museum.
  • Pictures of the Bell & Howell Apple II, from the collection of David Hodge, in a new category in the Museum, Computers: Bell & Howell
  • Pictures of an early Apple II order form (in the Miscellaneous gallery) and of the first Disk II manual (in the Books: Manuals gallery). Thanks to Ed Rose!

I don’t expect it will back up like this again!

27 Jul 2010 Micro, The 6502 Journal
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Bill Martens and his friends at the Apple Archive page have uploaded another great collection. The full run of Micro, from 1977 to 1984 is now available to download and view. You can read a short synopsis of it from my history here, but take time to read some of the issues.

27 Jul 2010 Got Blue?
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Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Gerry Doire, I’ve had a beautiful copy of the classic Apple II “Red Book” manual available for download for quite a while. He actually re-tooled most of the pages in that book to make it look classic, but actually be more legible than it ever was.

I have not take the extra, careful time that Gerry did, but I have scanned in my prized copy of the Apple II “Blue Book”, the first Applesoft manual released by Apple Computer, Inc., and thanks to the help of Bill Martens and his Apple Archives project for A.P.P.L.E., the scanned pages were assembled into a beautiful PDF copy of this rare manual.

Both are available for download in the Downloads section (see the top links to get there).

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26 Jul 2010 Hardware ad gallery opens, too!
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Also completed the start of ads for classic Apple II hardware from the early 1980s! See the page here.

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