23 Jul 2016 KansasFest 2016
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It has come and gone again (well, nearly over), and it was an amazing event. From a program to auto deprotect old floppy disks to new emulators to an educational server that can 

17 Aug 2015 Edible Apple II
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A few years ago I saw posted info on Geek Culture/Joy of Tech on how to make a cake that looked like the Smithsonian Apple-1 computer:

apple-1 cake geekculture.com

Now, Mike Maginnis has posted in the Apple II Enthusiasts group on Facebook a link to pictures of an Apple II wedding cake.

Saveyourforkcakes.com Saveyourforkcakes.com

I like the look of it, but wish they included info on how it was made. What a dessert at KFest 2016 this would make!

12 Aug 2015 Laine Nooney and Apple History
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This entire web site is focused on preserving and telling the story of microcomputers, focused with insane depth on the Apple II. I’ve been telling it for 20 plus years, and have a book about it. So I know what I know quite well, and if any of you who have taken the time to either read the story on this web site or in the book also know what I know.

But I always enjoy learning more about the era of the Apple II and its competition and getting new information or new points of view. The Open Apple podcast, which focuses on news and interviews about the Apple II is often a source of stories that expand my knowledge, and episode #49 for July 2015 is a particularly fascinating listen. They have an extended conversation with Laine Nooney, a person who is way too young to have been involved with the Apple II when it was new and exciting. Her research for a dissertation brought her to look into Online Systems / Sierra Online, as well as with other software companies of the day, and the conversation they have drifts over into the impact of the computer on homes and families, and what she has learned about it.

When I think I know so much that there is not much more to learn, a gem like this interview comes along, and I realize levels of computer history that go beyond my extremely specific area of knowledge. It is well worth a listen.

Addendum: Here is a link to Nooney’s research on Sierra Online, as much as she has made publicly available at this time. Read it.

01 Aug 2015 KFest, as seen by an outsider
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While at KansasFest this year, we had two new people show up, for the purpose of doing a news story about the event. I had not heard of their publication, Motherboard, prior to this, and I will admit I was a little skeptical about how this would turn out. I have seen interviews and stories before that were done with a particular purpose in mind, and sometimes the final result is not flattering.

I must applaud the writer of the piece, Jason Koebler, for a job well done. He did capture the essence of the event, and did it as someone who has not been there before, and in fact someone who does not really know anything about the Apple II.

You can read the article here. The style reminds me of the audio stories I hear on NPR’s weekly program, This American Life, which I mean as a compliment, as I feel that most of those stories as well done, and good listens.